Security and Confidentiality

In view of the sensitivity associated with the Healthcare Information, all our teams work on fully locked down terminals PC’s which don’t have a floppy drive, CD drive or a USB Port.

We take all compliance related concerns of our customers very seriously and we address them proactively. Our delivery centre houses the most technologically advanced infrastructure to handle data security issues.

Here is how we go beyond the basics measures:

Data Confidentiality: Teams have restricted remote access to the client’s software applications and tools enabling them to do the work required to accomplish the required services only in a secure manner. Specific client network are physically isolated and have dedicated firewalls into the client’s network for an additional security.

Network Security: Full time in-house security team dedicated to monitoring hacker sites, assessing possible threats. This team ensures Physical Security, Network Security, Applications, Desktop and Voice and Data Security, Centralized control over enterprise resources, change control, access control and configuration management for minimum disruption in customer service delivery. Rigorous round the year audits are conducted to evaluate threats and develop and implement relevant counter.

HIPAA Compliant: We are committed to achieving and maintaining compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. As your trustworthy partner in the chain of carrying patient health information, we have in place specific technical and physical security features for our data system, including identification of authorized users, control of system access, data integrity, and backup/recovery to ensure availability and reliability.